15 November 2014

First Visit to Milly

Well, it is very real now!  After spending the summer reading, studying, making notes, discussing, planning, buying, storing, sorting etc. etc., we have made our second trip to Argentina.  On our first, 18 months ago, Milly was but plans (and downpayments) on paper.  But now, Milly is a 3-d reality.  Splash is scheduled for the end of November, 2 months away.  

This trip to B.A. was spent on “business”.  We successfully, without being slapped with tarrifs, sailed - by foot - through customs with 3 duffel bags, 6 bins, 2 large suitcases and one enormous cardboard box….at 2 a.m. The hour may have been to our benefit although everyone was smiling. Our boat and play gear is now safely stowed in a locker in deepest, darkest B.A.  We saw our beautiful Milly, took many pictures, grinned and, mentally at least, jumped up and down with excitement.  We enjoyed several hours with Santiago and Memo going over plans and our workorder and being chauffeured to key chandleries.  It is exponentially simpler to buy with the aid of Santiago’s translations and negotiating skills then our own hand signals and exaggerated facial expressions.  We have gained a great and wondrous appreciation of the skill, toil and  workmanship that goes into each and every, essentially handmade, Antares 44i.  We have learned about the complexity of the Argentinian system for businesses and know now to buy immediately when we see something we need.  We have explored the local chandleries and made lists and more lists.  We have visited the yacht club where we will eventually find Milly and we have spent time at the public marina where we may dock if we choose to stay here for a length of time.  We have spent many hours gazing at the cafe au lait river water, watching the current, assessing the tide, and noting the wind.  We have checked out prices and availability of provisioning items at three of the local supermercados.  We have practised our meagre Spanish, and been dismayed when unable to understand a word of the rapido response.  We have spent hours over dinners in characterful eateries discussing our next moves.  We have biked on cobblestones, broken sidewalks, smooth pavement and through peddle-deep flood waters post hail storm.  And we have enjoyed every minute.

We go home to downsize to a smaller condo, close the cottage, buy a few more items better done in Canada, and study more…if there is time.  We will spend as much time as possible with family and friends and then, with difficulty, say good-bye.  It will be a very busy 8 weeks until we return on our ONE-WAY TICKET. 

September, 2014 

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