4 December 2014

Milly - December 2, 2014

We have visited our Milly again and, after an 8 week absence, she is well on her way to “splash”, still anticipated as before Dec 20.  However, we have been warned of and are prepared for possible hiccups, delaying the splash until after January 6, mainly because of the holidays.  In either case commissioning will follow for 3 weeks or so and then she is ours!

Imagine the blue as white - the blue plastic is a covering to protect the finishes during the build - and the background as blue sea and blue sky.  That’ll be us in about 8 weeks or so once we leave the River Plate.  Note the helm chair is in place!

The galley.  Under the white plastic is beautiful cherry wood.  Antares makes a great galley that I can’t wait to work in.

Looks complicated?  It is!

Our cabin.  It’s almost done…apparently.

Port side.  Signs of lots of work going on.  Where are the workers?  We timed our visit for their lunch break so we wouldn’t interrupt any progress.

We are very excited, needless to say, and plan to make a visit once a week.  Will keep you posted in pictures.


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  1. Looks so amazing! keep me posted as we to where you might be March 7thish! HA