19 June 2018

Cruising in Corfu

Lakkha in Paxos.  A crowded, lively anchorage after 1600 when there is lots of entertainment watching boats anchor in what quickly becomes a boat parking lot.  During commuter time though when this pic is taken, there is lots of room.  The water is so clear you can see shadows on the bottom under Milly who is happily anchored in beautiful sand.  Lakkha at the head of the bay is a tiny town, catering to yachties with restaurants and bars along the seaside.  Tom had a great night out here with a friend - and his friends - he met on the plane.
Whenever we get to a new place, we ask ourselves if it is somewhere we would consider living on boat or on land when we quit this cruising lifestyle.  Although we love pretty well everywhere we have been, our list of where we would live is very short.  Mallorca is one.  And Corfu is right up there.

The Paleo/Old fort from our anchorage in Corfu Town.

Old Corfu Town is full of a mishmash of lanes.  some are residential, most are packed with shops, restaurants, bars.  All are charming, even with the hubbub of tourists also enjoying the lanes.  No cars and it's a large area.

The human made moat to the old fort.  

From the top of the old fort.  The green of the esplanade or Spianadha complete with cricket field lined by the arcaded cafe-lined Liston built during the French occupation by the architect who designed the Rue de Rivoli in Paris. Behind is the extensive old town and then the not very new Neo fort.  A hodgepodge of delight from many different occupations.

Of course, there was plenty for the consumer in the old town even for us non consuming types - wooden bikes!

And acceptable cheap wines in water bottles to be responsibly disposed and hopefully recycled.

The English cemetery was an oasis of green and peace in the bustling town.  

Greeks seem to like their pots of greenery and flowers as much as I do.  This family had their watering work cut out for them but I was appreciative.

Use of space in the narrow pedestrian streets was efficient and charming.
Sensational scenery, very friendly English-speaking people, lots of interesting history both ancient and modern, a quaint and picturesque main town (even if touristy), good transport system, great hiking and mainland and other islands an easy daysail away.  A great vibe.  Lots and lots to like.
Always fun times with our boy!  A hike to the west side of Paxos was stunning...and hot.

Working out on the move.  

My guys - shooting' sailing shit....

....and enjoying....

...the cruise with a beer or two.

And, best of all, we had Tom's company for five days.  Can only get better by having Emily and Gid along too.

Looking way, way down a sheer cliff to a tiny bay on the west side of Paxos.

Peter and I took a bus to  Paleokastrttsa on the west coast.  A series of bays with rocky, very high headlands made it spectacular scenery.  We weren't equipped to hike but it would have been fantastic.  Some day....

I was lent a skirt by the monk at the gate of the monastery at the peak of the headland.  My shorts were a bit offensive, I guess.  The grounds of the monastery were peaceful and lush.

View from the monastery.  Our gods are different but it sure is a spiritual place.

Monastery. There are many on Corfu.

We're heading north into the Adriatic for the summer and then back to Corfu to pick up Em and Gid at the beginning of September.  Very happy to be coming back!

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