4 November 2018

Kythnos - Quick Stop for a Cure

After a exploratory crutch/walk around the village, we stopped for a thermal plunge in therapeutic waters - espoused to cure arthritis and "gynaecological problems".  We had neither but it was worth steeping for awhile for a pain in the ankle.  Did it work?  Well, it sure didn't hurt!
Church at the site of the thermal spring was all dressed up to celebrate something or other.  The scalding waters ran about 500m from the spring to the seaside where it mixed with the now chilly Aegean.  The aqueduct through which the water ran was lined with all kinds of colourful growth that flourished in the heat.  

Toronto 8,172 km away, rated a mention...
...as did this!  The owner of the restaurant had lived in Toronto and was clearly a fan.  Signs of home.

26 October 2018
Loutra town wall,
Nisos Kythnos
N37.23' E24.53'

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