15 April 2018

Sun., Apr. 15, 2018 - post storm

Bay of Marsaxlokk
This little rise on the peninsula separating us from the sea, protected us from the wrath of the waves.
Well, the storm never ramped up to predicted wind or waves...at least where we were.  We picked out shelter well.  In Sliema Creek, the waves were 2.5 meters and at the very shallow bottom of the bay where all the small wooden fishing boats are, it must have been very scary, indeed.  Glad the powers that be kicked us  out of there!

Here, we weathered some gusts over 30 knots but nothing extraordinary or that we haven't managed before.  And the water was flat, which was the best.  Our neighbours - in a monohull - were rolling a bit with the swell that curved around the headland but we were comfy.

Now we have to put the boat back together - screecher up, second anchor in before the two anchor chains twist together, and put sundry items back in place.  Then a walk to the seaside to see any residual wave action.  Plan is to leave here tomorrow, check out in Gozo, and day sail to Sicily on Tuesday.

Hard to believe that the dust is as thick as fog.  This from our walk today, post storm.

This same view a few weeks ago.

All is calm here though not so bright.  The sun is still covered in a haze of sand.

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