7 April 2018

Wed., Apr 4, 2018 - Hiking in Malta

We have cruising friends met in Tunisia here and enjoy their company on many explorations.

Even though Malta is reported to be the country with the second densest population in the world after Bangladesh, there are isolated places to walk in the countryside.  Mind you, because there is little natural growth over thigh height, over the next terraced ridge or hill, a town, sometimes two, of decent size dominated by a huge church can be seen in the distance.  Fields at this time of year are green and patchworked by stone walls.  Wild flowers abound.  And the very blue sea is always within view.  The water along the rocky shore is every shade of blue imaginable with the bottom easily viewed from high above. The coast line is rock and cliffs - really the island is just one huge limestone rock.  There are only two beaches of any size in Malta - one 1 km long and a second 0.5 km long.  This is not the place to come for a beach holiday but it has nearly everything else.

Plenty of surprises around every corner.  These are Roman? salt pans, we think.  

Tiny Malta is chock full of history.  Forts, towers, walls mainly from the 300 years when the Knights of St. John dominated the scene.  

We reached the tallest part of the island, the Dingly Cliffs, at 600 feet.  Not a high island but beautiful views, nonetheless.

Gozo in the background and Camino mid ground are two other Maltese islands in this very blue surround.

One of the very few beaches, named Paradise Bay for good reason.

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