27 September 2018

"Zorbas" - The Medicane Part 2

Fenders, tires and passerelle to keep Milly off the wall, proved unsatisfactory once the swell and waves mounted.
Typically in the Med, winds are next to nil in the morning and build from northwest to minimal speeds over the afternoon.  But we are in a special circumstance over the next several days.  As I noted in yesterday’s blog, Milly was docked in the marina opening in a great situation for the upcoming s**t storm but not so good for yesterdays prevailing winds sending swells into the marina and Milly against the wall.

As the waves grew the system that Peter and fellow cruisers had devised, fells apart.  The fenders rose above the dock, the fender board scratched poor Milly’s gelcoat and the black tires left big skid marks.  We had to move in a hurry.

Being of pretty sound mind but unsound ankle, two men leapt aboard to handle the lines while Peter tried to control the boat which, with it’s high freeboard acting like a sail, was fighting the ever increasing wind.  

With the aid of at least seven cruisers on land, two on the boat and one with a broken arm filming, Milly wrestled the wind and chop to another safer spot on the marina wall.  All day the wind was consistently in the high 20’s, gusting to 33.  The sea was breaking on the wall beside us to cover Milly with a fine salt mist but we and she were in a much better place.  Thanks to the amazing community we are part of, we feel safe.
All looks quite lovely from our new location.  From the photo, you'd never suspect that the wind and waves were ever increasing.

Today the wind has veered to northeast hitting Milly on the bow which is much more comfortable. 

Unfortunately, we have just read that the storm has been upgraded to a hurricane 2, even give a name “Zorbas”.  We will be in the north east side of it’s outer rim at the closest point.  Too close for me!  This no longer looks like an adventure http://www.severe-weather.eu/mcd/update-increasing-potential-for-a-strong-cat1-medicane-zorbas-to-hit-sw-greece-on-saturday-sept-29th/ 
A web of lines is holding us to dock.

Poor TomTom has to stay in the water, sheltered by his sister ship.  The dinghy is the only way I can get to shore with my injured ankle.  Makes me feel a little vulnerable if an emergency arises.  A leap onto the dock will have to be made.  Ouch!

We have multiple fenders, two tires, and fourteen lines protecting Milly.  Screecher sail has been stowed.  Deck is cleared of all things that can fly.  I think Milly is ready.  

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