10 October 2018

Fair Weather Again

A walk across the causeway from the relative calm of our side of the bay to the bluster of the other.
My childhood friends arrived a day before the forecast predicted the edge of Zorbas passing overhead.  I had warned them that they were heading into a potential hurricane but, intrepid as they are, they arrived with smiles.

The Argostoli Marina proved a safe harbour over several blustery days.  It lies on the east side of the  bay, across from town.  The peak winds were from the east so although sand and garbage blew about us, the waves within the harbour were minimal. And it is waves that do the most damage. The city wall on the other side of the narrow bay received a wallop of water from crashing waves.  The boats that had been tied stern to the wall had damaged transoms after the first night of wind.  A fellow cruiser reported to us that one sailor lost their finger while trying to haul in lines and another was hospitalized after being crushed between boat and wall.  Most of the boats came over to the marina the following morning.  Although there was no room, they safely tied to the marina quay on the outside and weathered the storm without waves.
What better way to spend a crummy day then cooking up a feast in Milly's galley.  Lee was not masquerading as a pirate but was suffering from a foreign body in her eye which the on board doctor was attending to.

We had one more windy but sunny day and then a miserable, windy and rainy day.  And then all began to calm.  The wind slowly lessened, the sun came out although the temperatures suddenly felt like fall.  We headed out the day after the eye passed south of us.  The sea waves were big and confused after the blistering wind.
Our first anchorage after the eye had passed by.  Hard to believe with this sky that the sea had been tossing and turning only the day before.
We were very fortunate.  Sadly, some of our friends in the Aegean had a much more difficult time with Zorbas.

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