23 October 2018

Paying Our Respects at Poseidon's Temple

An imposing view of the 5th century BC Temple of Poseidon from Milly's cockpit.  A sailor must pay homage.
The perfect anchorage for sailors dependent on a gentle sea, Poseidon's Temple.  And the Greeks sure knew how to pick their temple's sites.  Poseidon's is majestic, perched high on Ak Sounion, a point at the southern tip of Attica, Athens' peninsula and at the beginning of the ancient Aegean trade route.

Our offering was a shell - seemed appropriate - strategically placed among the crocuses at the base of one of the pillars, just beyond the "do not enter" sign.

Lord Byron visited the temple in 1810, scratched his name and a verse on a pillar! followed suit by uncouth tourists so now it is roped off.  
A challenging rough and steep path up but I'm sure Poseidon appreciated it.

A steep slope to the sea on which lay the foundations of homes laid out in blocks, the modern stairs originally being the main drag.
Saturday, October 20-21, 2018
Ak Sounian
N37degrees 40 minutes, E14 degrees 24 minutes

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